Bandung vs Bogor - which one to visit in 2023

Bandung vs Bogor Travel Comparison

Travel from Bandung to Bogor can take just a few hours via bus; however, allow extra time for stops and food breaks.

Bogor offers numerous attractions for visitors, including Jungleland theme park, Puncak Gunung Mas tea gardens and the zoo. In addition, there is plenty of shopping and dining opportunities in the city.


Bandung offers the perfect opportunity for respite from Jakarta's hectic pace, featuring beautiful waterfalls and pleasant climate. Whitewater rafting and hiking are popular activities here; additionally, Tauge Goreng (grilled bean sprouts) is one of the city's signature dishes! For maximum relaxation and enjoyment it is best to visit in late May or September when the temperatures are more pleasant.

Transport within Bandung is made simple thanks to bus and train services available, with redBus helping you quickly identify the ideal options for your budget. Buses run frequently between Bandung and Bogor and the ride typically lasts about 4h 26m.

If you prefer traveling by plane, the average flight fare from Bandung to Bogor is estimated to be Rp1,560,000 according to past travelers. Of course, the price can fluctuate depending on time of year and other factors; to get the best value it's best to book early!

Traveling as part of a group can save money. Many companies provide discounts for large groups, with seniors and students often qualifying for additional packages. Some even have refund guarantees in case of emergencies, making traveling with others even more affordable!

Bandung offers plenty of activities and attractions suitable for families. Botanical gardens are an absolute must, while the Bogor Palace (formerly Presidential Palace of Indonesia with an Olympic history) remains its star attraction. Bandung is also famed for its tea plantations tours that visit these tea fields directly.

Entertainment in Bandung can be expensive, yet there are budget options. Previous travelers spent an average of Rp91,431 per day for entertainment and activities such as museum admission tickets, meals, tours costs and alcoholic beverage consumption; more upscale hotels often charge high rates while local markets provide affordable wines.


If you want to travel from Bandung to Bogor, there are various transportation options available to you. Train travel between Bandung and Bogor takes approximately two hours while flying will take less time; both options provide views along the way. Lintas Shuttle operates hourly buses between Bandung Trade Center and Bogor Trade Mall with trips taking around five hours each way.

Bogor and Bandung both offer attractions worth visiting. One such attraction is the Bogor Botanical Gardens, an idyllic green oasis covering an area of 87 hectares and home to over 15,000 different flower and plant species, including several types of trees such as towering footstool palms. You may also discover exotic orchid varieties within these gardens located nearby the 19th-century built Buitenzorg palace.

Puncak Pass, one of Indonesia's six presidential palaces and famous for its cool climate and fresh air, offers stunning views of surrounding mountains and tea plantations from its top viewing platform. Additionally, this attraction provides gorgeous scenic vistas.

If you're visiting both Bogor and Bandung, tour packages offering transportation and accommodation may be the ideal way to see all that each city offers and experience its culture. One such tour package is the Jakarta Puncak Bandung Tour Package 2023/2024 - 6 Days 5 Nights which allows visitors to discover Indonesia's vibrant capital city as well as one of its beautiful natural wonders.

Noting the COVID-19 pandemic's prevalence in both Bandung and Bogor, it is essential that tour companies follow all relevant safety measures when providing tours in these cities. Some companies are leaving middle seats empty in order to facilitate social distancing; all buses must also undergo thorough sanitation prior to each journey to ensure your trip goes off safely. This should help give you peace of mind during your travels.


Planning a trip from Bogor to Bandung requires consideration of distance. Your options for transport may include flying, taking a bus ride or driving - if flying is your choice you should also factor in flight times which vary from airline to airline and travel time from and to the airport. An online map tool such as Google maps provides accurate, up-to-date information.

Bandung, situated in West Java and home to one of Indonesia's Presidential Palaces housing an extensive art collection, makes an excellent destination for families, with kid-friendly attractions such as Jungle Fest and Marcopolo Water Adventure providing plenty of entertainment and adventure.

Bogor is an idyllic tourist destination due to its cool climate and breathtaking landscapes. Just 40 miles outside Jakarta, Bogor boasts some of the world's most gorgeous botanical gardens - Kebun Raya being among them - with lotus ponds, hundreds of palm varieties, rare orchids and much more to experience here.

Tauge Goreng (Grilled Bean Sprouts). For authentic Indonesian cuisine, visit De' Leuit restaurant with its pyramid roof and selection of Sundanese dishes; other notable restaurants are Gumati and Pasteur Trans.

Bogor is well known for its local cuisine and many tourist-friendly attractions, such as Cikidang Waterfalls and whitewater rafting trips on Sungai Citarik river. Additionally, visitors can visit Taman Safari Indonesia which features over 280 animal species living within natural habitats at this wildlife conservation and theme park.

Arriving from Bogor to Bandung is straightforward: Take either a train, bus, or private car service and arrive within about an hour. Large groups should book private cars as these can help avoid traffic issues - though beware weekends and holiday seasons as these routes tend to become congested more quickly than other times of year.


Travel from Bandung to Bogor by bus is best. Lintas Shuttle and Sinar Jaya both operate buses along this route and provide various services that make travel safe, including leaving middle seats empty before each journey and meticulous sanitising processes before each one begins. In case your experience wasn't up to par, both companies offer refund guarantees.

Bogor is well known for its gorgeous gardens and mild climate, making it the ideal weekend retreat from Jakarta. One highlight of Bogor is Kebun Raya botanical garden which features lotus ponds, hundreds of palm varieties, and over 3,000 orchids - an especially breathtaking site during rainy season when its flowers reach their full potential! In addition, there's the Agricultural University as well as Zoological Museum to experience in town.

Bogor offers scenic beauty as well as plenty of attractions designed for families. There are various amusement parks with rides such as Jungle Fest and Marcopolo Water Adventure that cater specifically to children; such as rollercoasters and water slides! Furthermore, there is the Presidential Palace as well as an outstanding art collection, making Bogor an excellent spot for family vacations.

Bogor can be further enhanced with a tour of the Puncak Pass tea plantations, an expanse of land where high-quality leaves are step farmed, often included as part of private tours. The women working here are friendly and welcoming; no problem stopping anywhere along the road for photos!

Travel from Bandung to Bogor by bus is generally straightforward, taking only an hour on average. However, during weekends and holidays when roads can become congested with extra traffic this could make the travel time significantly longer than if flying between cities would have taken. Therefore, for the fastest journey, try leaving early morning or going during the day; don't forget your sun hat and water in case it rains too heavily.

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